​Conventional Drying (Dehumidification)

​(Contact For Pricing)

​At Trinity we have the experts on hand to deploy suitable equipment to your property and then monitor the progress of the drying regime throughout so as to leave you with a suitable moisture level for your individual property...YES! EVERY PROPERTY REQUIRES STRUCTURAL MOISTURE TO STAY STANDING UP! ​From initial survey through to completion we will keep you up to date with the progress of the drying and also hand you a unique code for your project at the beginning so you can see real time the exact progress that your insurance company see if they are involved giving you peace of mind that you have control over what you know and when you know it.

Thermal Imaging Survey From £295 - £495


Thermal imaging has become known to provide the information required so that you are not left rectifying things that are red herrings to your process. We can provide detailed thermographic reports detailing potential issues through to definitive leaks and more. Contact us direct to discuss your incident and we will quite simply advise you if this is suitable and a warranted expenditure.

​Damp Investigations / Mould Remediation

​UK From £135 - £295 (London £185 - £395)

​When the signs of damp appear or mould begins to take root in a property the initial thought is that there is a leak internally. We are called time and time again to properties where there has been work undertaken to rectify a 'leak' only to discover the issue has returned and after sometimes thousands of pounds being spent prior to our attendance. We have the attitude of 'pay for what you need and don't pay for what you don't need' therefore if you are in any doubt or even if you suspect an issue get in touch with us first and we can guide you to the correct contractor.

Initial survey of incident = £135 - £295 (London £185 - £395)

This survey is based on a maximum of 4 hours on site and is inclusive of reporting with all scope findings and recommendations along with a conclusive section of any required actions to rectify the property through Trinity Group or other client selected contractor (domestic or commercial).

Damp Proofing For Domestic & Commercial

Structures ​(Contact For Pricing)

Reporting For Online Consultations = From £145 - £295 (Structural Dimension Dependant)

​Online reporting is a standard charge whilst completed online through the data + imaging process described at the point of interest. Please note this is completed room by room and is 'property type' cost dependant. PLEASE NOTE WE ONLY RECOMMEND THIS IF YOUR ARE CASH SETTLING OR ARE UNINSURED AND IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE.

Leak Detection - Gas Trace/Acoustic Assessment/Thermography Survey From £295 - £695

There were times in the past when the leak detection process involved invasive processes such as digging up 'potential' leak areas across a floor leaving the property in a state that had a costly price to remedy. Whilst this was the case before, and with our next generation detection equipment, we can now locate leaks without the need for this, saving everyone involved unnecessary upset, damage and cost.

​Injection Drying (Contact For Pricing)

​To have stagnant moisture in an insulated flooring slab following a leak or the delicate procedure of saturated insulation in a historic stud wall, in need of removal, can have limited options for rectification. Either rip it all out and replace it at monumental costs and disruption or implement a course of injection drying. Within this procedure we can take control of the structurally internal atmospherics and remove the moisture whilst minimising disruption and cost together. Due to the very nature of this work it is advisable to carry out a suitability survey at a cost starting from £135 - £295 (London £185 - £395) which will provide a detailed report advising of the best course of action to proceed with.